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I’ve got a background project going: how to reduce the space between forming an idea or project, and putting it into the world.

My Nokia phone lets me post a photo direct to my Facebook page – pretty neat, but how to ramp up the thinking content of the happy snap? I’ve been challenging myself to add text to say what is happening in the picture.

Next step up is making a movie of work on Riddells Creek Studio, using stills and video and the Windows movie editor, posted to my Facebook page.

Here’s another experiement: putting materials for the upcoming “Taking Planning to the Next Level” workshop into a website, so they can grow as the workshop progresses.

Then there’s Les Robinson, a master at using the web to make his work accessible. Les says he’s built online mentoring into his web-based Changeology program, using Google Docs. He can give feedback on the projects people develop during the online workshop, as they develop it. Nice work Les!

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