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Dr Ross Colliver is facilitator, designer and researcher of processes for strategy, engagement and knowledge. He has worked across government, and at the interface between government, community and industry, for 30 years. He’s working out of Riddells Creek, an hour out of Melbourne, a little into the country, and just far enough off the Sydney flight path. For a little more, go here.

Contact him at ross.colliver @ bigpond.com, or 0411 226519.

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  1. Hi Ross.
    I’ll call you soon. In the meantime, here’s a link to the Legislative Council inquiry ToR:
    My aim is to unpack a couple of critical impediments to progress and propose some practical fixes. The fixes might be big and bold and difficult but I’d like to avoid generalities. I think the Lonsdale Group might have done most of the work for this back in 2017!

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